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Current feed - Latest News Articles from Techworld

Technologists lead crowdsourced Coronavirus Tech Handbook response
A group of technologists has led crowdsourcing efforts to create a single repository of information for specialists fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. Techworld speaks with founder Edward Saperia to hear more about how collaboration tools can help the efforts
DeepMind founder Mustafa Suleyman leaves indefinitely
DeepMind's cofounder and head of applied artificial intelligence, Mustafa Suleyman, has abruptly left the company for an indefinite period
UK government launches £10 million Edtech strategy
Education secretary, Damian Hinds, wants schools across the UK to “take advantage of all of the opportunities available through Edtech” in the government's new strategy
John Lewis Partnership selects four startups to reduce plastic waste
The partnership will join hands with four UK startups as it hopes to reduce plastic waste as part of its retail tech initiative, JLAB
Latest Facebook news and announcements

Uber's most notable news and announcements
All the details on Uber's biggest announcements as well as updates on the controversial company's trials and tribulations
Trainline launches AI disruption alerts for Google Assistant
The coach and rail journey app has launched a new AI voice app for automated disruption alerts
What is Hdac? Blockchain tech advert scores on World Cup TV
Here is some insight into the first ever blockchain advert
Tech that will change banking and the way we save

New and upcoming tech IPOs
Here are the tech companies that are planning to launch on the stock market this year


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