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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

New Cryptography Method Promising Perfect Secrecy Is Met With Skepticism
An international team claims its perfect secrecy cryptography is made unbreakable by physics
Personal Virtual Networks Could Give Everyone More Control Over Their Data
Researchers are using software-defined networking to give users more say in how networks handle their data
Boeing Sponsors $1 Million GoFly Prize for Best Personal Flying Machines
Startups compete to build small, safe one-person flyers that can fit in a garage and take off from a driveway
What North Korea Really Wants From Its Blockchain Conference
New reports show that North Korea is already using cryptocurrency to generate revenue and evade sanctions
Low-Power AI Startup Eta Compute Delivers First Commercial Chips
The firm pivoted away from riskier spiking neural networks using a new power management scheme
Algorithm Groups People More Fairly to Reduce AI Bias
Fair clustering algorithms aim to make artificial intelligence more impartial
Toshiba’s Optimization Algorithm Sets Speed Record for Solving Combinatorial Problems
Toshiba may use it to find and exploit arbitrage opportunities in foreign currency markets
A Radio Frequency Exposure Test Finds an iPhone 11 Pro Exceeds the FCC's Limit
The test, conducted by Penumbra, also highlights problems with the U.S. FCC’s wireless safety regulations
Here's How This Metasurface Lens Could Improve Imaging
Metasurface performs the mathematical operations necessary for edge detection
Large-Area MicroLED Display Startup Makes Gallium-Nitride Transistors Too
iBeam plans roll-to-roll microLED display manufacturing, bypassing large-screen production problems


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