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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

What the Right To Repair Movement Gets Wrong
Repair should be an option not a mandate
New Approach Could Protect Control Systems From Hackers
This algorithm creates “background noise” during data transmission to alert officials to hacking
Here’s What It’s Like Inside a Chip Foundry During the COVID-19 Pandemic
SkyWater and GlobalFoundries both have to run 24/7 shops despite social distancing and stressed workers
Here’s Where and How We Think China Will Land on Mars
China’s 2020 HX-1 Mars mission will draw on previous lunar explorations and human spaceflights
Show The World You Can Write A Cool Program Inside A Single Tweet
The BBC Micro Bot will try to run anything you can code in 280 characters or less
Google Invents AI That Learns a Key Part of Chip Design
AI helps designs AI chip that might help an AI design future AI chips
How the Internet Can Cope With the Explosion of Demand for “Right Now” Data During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Startup Subspace emerged from stealth early to tackle the low-latency problem exacerbated by everyone working and learning remotely because of COVID-19
19 Suggestions for Bored Engineers
Occupy your mind and hands while keeping your distance
Galactic Energy Prepares Ceres-1 Rocket for First Launch
The June launch is just the start of the company’s grand plans for future spaceflight
How to Detect a Government's Hand Behind Internet Shutdowns
Researchers deploy both remote monitoring and human volunteers to investigate Internet shutdowns worldwide


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