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SpaceX astronauts launch into orbit from US soil for the first time in a decade
• The spacecraft is expected to dock with the space station on Sunday morning • Photos: SpaceX's historic launch • Watch SpaceX and NASA make history • Watch SpaceX's biggest moments • Elon Musk told CNN in 2008 how he could help NASA

Minnesota governor says outsiders, not Minnesotans, are 'attacking civil society'
• Object explodes during protest at CNN Center • What protesters say is fueling their anger • Analysis: Arresting CNN reporters at a protest is an affront to the First Amendment • The protests in photos

Cities and states take security measures in anticipation of another night of anger. Protesters took to the streets, sometimes violently, in more than 30 cities Friday.
Minneapolis | Detroit | Portland | Atlanta | Los Angeles | Phoenix

Communities band together to clean up
Brian Irving had just taken a shower when he turned on the news Friday night and learned about graffiti left from protests in downtown Houston.

Derek Chauvin is being detained at Ramsey County Jail in St. Paul

Trump slams White House protesters as 'just there to cause trouble'
After a night of protests and racial unrest in US cities, President Donald Trump used Saturday morning messages to declare himself safe inside the White House, lash out at a Democratic mayor and raise the prospect of another demonstration with his supporters later in the day.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms steps into national spotlight
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Friday evening denounced vandalism in her city as "chaos" after demonstrations over the death of George Floyd while in in the custody of Minneapolis police turned violent.

Killer Mike urges protesters 'not to burn your own house down'
Killer Mike made an emotional plea for calm Friday night as a protest in Atlanta against police brutality turned violent.

Volunteers clean up Atlanta after night of protests
People and churches have volunteered to clean up following a night of violent protests in Atlanta. CNN's Natasha Chen speaks to some of the volunteers cleaning up the city.

Sidner: I've never seen police disappear
CNN's Sara Sidner reports on the ongoing protest over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, despite the curfew order.


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