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China is destroying cash. Ships are quarantined. The effort to contain the virus hinges on research into how long it lingers on surfaces.
Concerns are mounting about how long the novel coronavirus may survive on surfaces -- so much so that China's central bank has taken measures to deep clean and destroy its cash, which changes hands multiple times a day, in an effort to contain the virus.

Countries to evacuate citizens from cruise ship

Man refuses to get off quarantined cruise ship. See why
Matthew Smith of Sacramento, California, and his wife decided to stay aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Fourteen Americans evacuated from the ship on US-chartered flights have tested positive for novel coronavirus, the US departments of State and Health and Human Services said. Watch "Full Circle" every weeknight at 5pm E.T.

American evacuated from Japan on a US charter flight says she didn't know people on the plane had tested positive until it landed
An American who was evacuated on US-chartered jet from a cruise ship docked in Japan told CNN that she wasn't aware that other passengers on the plane had tested positive for novel coronavirus until they landed.

Hospital director dies in Wuhan, as death toll from coronavirus outbreak tops 1,800
The death toll from the novel coronavirus has reached 1,873, as almost half of China's 1.3 billion-strong population remain subject to varying forms of travel restrictions and other quarantine measures.

See award-winning journalist's warning about deadly virus
At least 24 Americans are among the 135 people infected with coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan, Princess Cruises said, explaining it is using numbers from Japan's Health Ministry. CNN's Will Ripley has more. Watch "Full Circle" every weeknight at 5 p.m. ET.

Two passengers who took a Delta flight reportedly are being treated for coronavirus

DOJ storm intensifies with new attacks on Barr's credibility
• He's known Bill Barr for 40 years. Now, he's calling for his resignation

Pelosi's 2020 warning to Democrats
• Late-night host rips apart 2020 Dem's health care plan • Opinion: Limbaugh's words on Buttigieg raise a troubling question • Stacey Abrams on being a possible VP pick: Of course I want it

Bloomberg qualifies for Wednesday's Democratic debate -- his first
Michael Bloomberg has qualified for Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, paving the way for the former New York mayor's first appearance on stage with his 2020 rivals.


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