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Current feed - BBC News - World

Coronavirus: Largest study suggests elderly and sick are most at risk
The deadliness of the virus advances progressively with the age of the patient, research suggests.
Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy over sex abuse lawsuits
The organisation says the move will allow it to build a compensation fund for sex abuse victims.
HSBC signals mass job cuts as profits plunge
Interim chief executive Noel Quinn reveals extensive job cuts and restructuring to shake up the bank.
Billie Eilish on Bond and online bullying
In an exclusive interview with the BBC, the singer speaks ahead of her performance at the Brit Awards.
Ukraine conflict: Deadly flare-up on eastern front line
The opposing sides in eastern Ukraine say heavy fighting has erupted on the frontline.
Australia bushfires: Backpackers can stay longer if they help rebuild
New rules have been introduced so that people with working holiday visas can extend their stay.
Nascar champion hurt in dramatic Daytona 500 crash
Ryan Newman is in a "serious but not life threatening" condition in hospital after crashing on the last lap of the Daytona 500 in Florida.
Storm Dennis: 'Ghost ship' washes up on Irish coast
The mysterious cargo ship was drifting without crew on the high seas for more than a year.
Jeff Bezos: World's richest man pledges $10bn to fight climate change
The Amazon boss and world's richest man gives 8% of his fortune to fight the planet's "biggest threat".
Syria conflict: UN says Idlib displacement 'overwhelming' relief effort
The UN says 900,000 people have been forced to leave their homes since the beginning of December.


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