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Sunscreen Regulations Haven’t Aged Well
So now, the FDA has announced proposals to update the process for regulating sun protection products.
Gadget Lab Podcast: Samsung’s Foldable Phone Future
Samsung revealed not one, not two, but five new smartphones this week – including a folding phone. Axios’s Ina Fried joins on this week’s Gadget Lab podcast.
'Desus & Mero' Is the Future of Late-Night TV
The duo's new Showtime program is like watching the best of Twitter in real time.
'Roma’ Should Win Best Picture at the Oscars—for Itself, Not Netflix
Plus: WIRED's other pie-in-the-sky Oscar wishes.
The (Non-Trump) Surprise Inside Andrew McCabe's Memoir
In *The Threat*, the former FBI deputy director paints a familiar portrait of Trump, but deepens our understanding of a dark time for agency.
Why Facebook Search Suggests ‘Photos of Female Friends in Bikinis’
The social network has been criticized for directing users to search for photos only of female friends, not male ones. But it's not all Facebook's fault.
Estimate the Friction Coefficient in That Massive Nascar Pile-Up
A crash knocked 21 cars out of the Daytona 500. But good news: Everyone walked away, and the video makes for a cool physics problem.
One Woman Pushes Hula-Hooping to Its Absurd, Glittery Limits
How many hoops can a person hula? Marawa Ibrahim holds the record at 200—but when she's twirling a modest 100, her skill makes your head spin.
Hyundai Nexo Review: The Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Electric SUV
Hyundai has made an excellent car, but that may not be enough to overcome the difficulties of driving on hydrogen.
10 Best Laptop Backpacks for Work (2019): Professional, Carry-On, and More
These are our 10 favorite professional laptop backpacks for every kind of job.


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