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The Importance of Photographing Women in Sports
Alana Paterson documents the young female hockey players defying gender expectations.
Netflix Could Never Make Its Own 'Office'
Long-running shows with 20-episode-plus seasons are not a specialty of streaming services.
Wayfair Employees Are Walking Out. Here's Why
Workers are protesting the ecommerce company's business with a government contractor that manages children's detention camps at the southern border.
To Really 'Disrupt,' Tech Needs to Listen to Actual Researchers
Opinion: Silicon Valley culture often reveals the optimism of organized ignorance. Rather than lauding "new" experts, we need to respect, sustain, and strengthen the ones we already have.
The Psychological Impact of Seeing YouTubers Spend Millions
Flexing on video has become incredibly popular. But their excess consumerism could be harming their viewers' well-being.
What Could Possibly Be Cooler Than RoboBee? RoboBee X-Wing
The new RoboBee is the lightest aerial vehicle to manage sustained untethered flight. One day that could make it ideal for navigating tight, sensitive spaces.
I Scraped Millions of Venmo Payments. Your Data Is at Risk
Opinion: Venmo makes sending and receiving money a social affair. But those emoji-laden payment descriptions leave you exposed to cyberattacks.
Google's Matías Duarte on the History of Smartphone Notifications
A conversation with Matías Duarte, one of the designers of Android, about how notifications grew from an idea to a relentless buzz.
The AI-Fueled, Anxious Hopefulness of Disney's 'Smart House'
Twenty years ago the Disney Channel original film presented a world where humans were far less afraid of digital assistants than we are now.
Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Betrays the Company’s True Ambitions
The social network wants to enable easy, inexpensive global commerce, sure. But its ultimate goals are a little more … geopolitical.


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