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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

How the U.S. Can Prepare to Live in China’s 5G World
China’s first-mover advantage in deploying 5G networks capable of transforming national economies has major implications for the United States
Untold History of AI: How Amazon’s Mechanical Turkers Got Squeezed Inside the Machine
Today’s unseen digital laborers resemble the human who powered the 18th-century Mechanical Turk
Better Ultrasound Imaging and Sonar Through Samarium
Samarium can nearly double the performance of piezoelectric crystals used in many sensors
Money Isn’t Enough to Close the Digital Divide
After releasing its new plan, the FCC needs to provide the spectrum to back it up
Polarizing the Data Center: Spin Lasers Deliver 240 Gigabits Per Second
Next-generation, low-power optical data transmission may rely on polarization rather than switching laser pulses on and off
Untold History of AI: Algorithmic Bias Was Born in the 1980s
A medical school thought a computer program would make the admissions process fairer—but it did just the opposite
Intel's View of the Chiplet Revolution
Ramune Nagisetty is helping Intel establish its place in a new industry ecosystem centered on chiplets
A Routing Scheme to Make Underwater Networks More Reliable
A new protocol salvages valuable data if one autonomous underwater vehicle fails in a fleet
Merveilleux! New AZERTY Keyboard Makes It Easier to Type in French
Keyboards with algorithm-powered AZERTY standard rolling out this summer
Microsoft’s Brad Smith on How to Responsibly Deploy AI
Microsoft’s president talks about the promise and perils of artificial intelligence


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