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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk Blog

What's in a Blockchain? With New Tools, Anyone Can Find Out
Services available through Google's BigQuery platform make it easy to search and analyze blockchain transactions
Artificially Intelligent Players Invent Nonverbal “Languages” to Win Card Games
To win at bridge and Hanabi, AIs must come up with subtle cues to communicate
Autonomous Trains Could Talk to Each Other for Cooperative Cruise Control
A new cruise-control algorithm could help trains use the track more efficiently without crashing
Circuit Secures the IoT Against Quantum Attack
MIT engineers design a system for IoT chips to do quantum-computer-proof encryption
Japan to Probe IoT Devices and Then Prod Users to Smarten Up
A government project begins testing millions of Internet-connected devices to see how safe they are from cyberattacks
Qubits and Nanosensors in a 2D Material
New research pins quantum technological hopes on a graphenelike semiconducting material
Racetrack Memory Gets a Boost
With ultrafast pulses, it's possible to write bits in picoseconds—100 times faster than today's technologies
4 Experts Respond to Trump's Executive Order on AI
The new "American AI Initiative" is heavy on bombast, light on specifics
Airbus: People Want and Will Use Urban Air Services
Airbus says air taxis could become a popular transportation option for urbanites
LipPass Authenticates Users Based On the Way They Move Their Mouths
A new user verification system for phones relies on the unique way a person moves his or her lips


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