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If you must kill a fish that's been hanging around since dinosaur times, using a bow is definitely the way to do it (possible nsfw content on page) [Cool]
Cool [link] [2 comments]

Help Wanted: Hard labor, odd hours, low pay, cool helmet [Interesting]
Interesting [link] [9 comments]

"Mommy, there's a weird creature in my closet". Mom: "no dear, you know there is no such thing as monsters, you're fine." 3 days later [Weird]
Weird [link] [21 comments]

Assistant fire chief charged with arson after truck's GPS rats him out [Fail]
Fail [link] [13 comments]

Little shiats aren't buying anything. Get off my lawn, you little commies. No, I am not renting out my lawn [Strange]
Strange [link] [49 comments]

You don't actually hate pineapple on pizza, you're just a mindless lemming [Obvious]
Obvious [link] [120 comments]

Even the jaded employees at a New Zealand McDonald's were mildly surprised when a guy marched through their drive-thru with a dead deer on his shoulders [Silly]
Silly [link] [13 comments]

Law & Order is distracting, especially while behind the wheel. Dun dun [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [6 comments]

Kuwaiti academic discovers that homosexuality is caused by a worm in your butt. No that is not a metaphor [Facepalm]
Facepalm [link] [72 comments]

American bomb destroys German town. This is not a repeat from 1945 [Scary]
Scary [link] [34 comments]


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