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Current feed - RSS [Strange]
Strange [link] [18 comments]

Louisiana sheriff's office explains why they held a US citizen who produced a driver's license, Social Security card and PASSPORT on an immigration detainer: See he had a Hispanic surname, and they had a "policy" to assume all Latinx were illegal [Facepalm]
Facepalm [link] [86 comments]

Don't get up Sunday to go to church? That's a guitar beating, boys [Murica]
Murica [link] [21 comments]
Prince Andrew got a foot massage from a child at Epstein's NY apartment [Sick]
Sick [link] [54 comments]

Ship's on fire, yo [Scary]
Scary [link] [15 comments]

Woman rescued from a septic tank after "two or three days". Subby doesn't even have a shiatty joke to make about that [Sick]
Sick [link] [37 comments]

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Traffic Court Edition [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [67 comments]

Mountain Lions are getting into the face eating game in Colorado [Scary]
Scary [link] [28 comments]

2,800-year-old stone tablet provides more detail on a Biblically-referenced Moabite rebellion against the Kingdom of Israel. Netanyahu immediately invades Gaza in retaliation [Interesting]
Interesting [link] [44 comments]

Michigan high school being renovated to make shootings more difficult with curved and zigzag corridors, decreased line of sight into classrooms, and safe spaces for duck and cover [Murica]
Murica [link] [138 comments]


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