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Current feed - Totally Fake News Here

Amendments explained
2019-04-23 - The Trouble With Constitutional Interpretations
National Emergency
2019-02-17 - The Fabricated National Emergency
Superb Owl
2019-02-03 - Superb Owl Sunday!
Groundhog Day
2019-02-01 - We are getting 6 more weeks
Merry Christmas
2018-12-25 - Happy Saturnalia to all
Jeff Sessions
2018-11-07 - Sessions to Return to Playing Cotton Hill
Moon Movie
2018-09-30 - New Film Shows All About the Moon Landing
New voting ballots
2018-09-06 - New interactive voting ballots. We have your demo!
New NFL Season
2018-09-03 - New NFL Season All Set to Disappoint
Trump World Record
2018-07-05 - Trump Luckiest Person In the World


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