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Current feed - NYT > Technology

Inside India’s Messy Electric Vehicle Revolution
A million electric rickshaws sprang up out of nowhere and are now being used by 60 million people a day. The government and vehicle makers are struggling to catch up.
YouTube Disables 210 Channels That Spread Disinformation About Hong Kong Protests
Days after Facebook and Twitter cracked down on China-backed accounts that were spreading such disinformation, YouTube did the same.
Alibaba Postpones Hong Kong Listing as Protests Roil Markets
The Chinese e-commerce giant delayed plans to sell potentially billions of dollars worth of shares in the market, which has fallen as tensions have worsened.
How to Turn an iPhone Into a Work-Only Tool
To prevent distractions, Conor Dougherty, an economics writer, dumped social media and anything fun — even his browser — from his smartphone.
Snapchat’s Disappearing Act Leaves Venice Beach Searching for Its Future
Snap changed social media — and Venice, Calif. — for good. What’s next?
Soap, Detergent and Even Laxatives Could Turbocharge a Battery Alternative
Researchers are trying to develop options to lithium-ion and other batteries in a quest for quick bursts of power and extended energy storage.
How a Conservative News Site Thrived on Facebook and Google
The Western Journal has had one of the biggest online audiences. But it now finds itself clashing with Silicon Valley tech giants. Here are highlights from a Times investigation.
Instagram’s Chain-Letter Uprising
Hordes of confused Instagrammers are trying to declare sovereignty from Instagram. Do they accidentally have a point?
YouTuber’s Surprise Discovery Gives Parents Last Look at Son They Lost
Rich Abernathy was filming a dive for YouTube when he found an old GoPro partly buried in the muck. “It’s like he’s right here,” said Robin McCrear of seeing the video footage of her son, Richard Lee Ragland III, who died in 2017.
M.I.T. Media Lab in Crisis After 2 Scholars Vow to Leave Over Epstein Ties
After last week’s apology from the research center’s director, Joichi Ito, Ethan Zuckerman and J. Nathan Matias said they were protesting the institute’s connection to the financier.


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