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Current feed - NYT > Technology

It Started With a Jolt: How New York Became a Tech Town
Amazon may not call it home. But the city, by design and because of its allure, is increasingly a magnet for coders and companies.
Pinterest Is Said to File for I.P.O.
The company is joining a stampede of high profile start-ups heading toward the public markets.
Google Ends Forced Arbitration for All Employee Disputes
The company had pledged to do away with the controversial practice for sexual harassment claims, but expanded it to all disputes.
Bits: The Week in Tech: Chinese and Iranian Hackers Have Returned
In this week’s newsletter, Nicole Perlroth explains why U.S. companies and government agencies face renewed cybersecurity concerns.
Huawei’s Plight Hangs Over Wireless Industry Showcase
The potential bans of Huawei technology is overshadowing the mobile phone industry’s biggest annual event in Barcelona.
Trending: The Future Is Here, Almost: Virtual Travel Becomes More of a Reality
The impact virtual and augmented reality software has had on the travel industry is small but growing. Here are a few examples you may encounter before or during your next trip.
Virgin Galactic Sends a Rocket Plane to Space Again, in Its Highest Flight Yet
After sending pilots to the edge of space in December, the company moved a step closer to commercial space travel with another safe flight, this time carrying a test passenger.
personal essay: Rediscovering the World of ‘Blue Highways’
A 1982 memoir of an American road-trip remains relevant in a GPS world.
Labor’s Hard Choice in Amazon Age: Play Along or Get Tough
The battle over Amazon’s New York plans resurfaced tensions among unions over how to deal with Uber, Airbnb and other emerging giants.
Huawei Is Expanding in Canada, Despite U.S. Pressure
The Chinese technology company, accused by American authorities of posing a security risk, will add to its research and development group in Canada.


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