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Current feed - NYT > Technology

Facebook Expects to Be Fined Up to $5 Billion by F.T.C. Over Privacy Issues
Facebook and the agency have been in negotiations over a financial penalty for claims that the company violated a 2011 consent decree.
Tech Fix: You Can’t Stop Robocalls. You Shouldn’t Have To.
Today’s solutions for fighting spam and scam calls are ineffective. But the onus should be on the phone companies, not you, to solve this problem.
Made in China, Exported to the World: The Surveillance State
In Ecuador, cameras capture footage to be examined by police and domestic intelligence. The surveillance system’s origin: China.
Who Owns Huawei? The Company Tried to Explain. It Got Complicated.
The Chinese tech giant wants to put to rest concerns that it is susceptible to influence by the country’s government. That has been no easy task.
Microsoft’s Cloud Business Drives Strong Financial Results
The company’s most recent quarter exceeded Wall Street expectations across the board, pushing shares up more than 5 percent in after-hours trading.
Tesla Posts Big Quarterly Loss as Its Electric-Car Sales Lag
The $702 million loss exceeded expectations, but the company reaffirmed its guidance on the year’s deliveries. It said it was open to raising capital.
Scientists Create Speech From Brain Signals
A prosthetic voice decodes what the brain intends to say and generates (mostly) understandable speech, no muscle movement needed.
Ford to Invest $500 Million in Rivian, a Tesla Rival
Rivian is developing a pickup and an S.U.V. on a chassis that Ford plans to use for models of its own. Two months ago, Amazon led a $700 million investment.
New Zealand and France to Seek Pact Blocking Extreme Online Content
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand said the “call to action” would include “specific expectations on governments and internet companies,” but not new regulations.
Wing, Owned by Google’s Parent Company, Gets First Approval for Drone Deliveries in U.S.
The company’s effort, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, will be limited to parts of southwest Virginia.


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