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The former Vice President enters the 2020 race asking Democrats to turn back the clock
Joe Biden's mission in the presidential bid he will launch on Thursday is to prove he's not a man out of step with the times.

Biden announces he is running for president

Analysis: Biden's polling lead is real. Can it last?
Former Vice President Joe Biden officially jumped into the 2020 presidential race on Thursday -- and his candidacy is perhaps the most analytically perplexing of any of the Democrats. He's probably got the best chance of any Democrat running to win the nomination, but the other candidates combined have a significantly better shot than he does.

Joe Biden releases video announcing 2020 run
Former Vice President Joe Biden -- one of the remaining high-profile holdouts in a crowded field of Democrats vying to be their party's nominee -- has announced his fourth run for the presidency in a video.

Ana Navarro: Joe Biden is normal. That sounds really good to me
Joe Biden is finally making it official. He is set to announce Thursday that he is running to be the Democratic nominee for President.

Trump reveals his 'dream' 2020 opponent
In an interview with CBS News' Jeff Glor, President Trump weighs in on his potential 2020 election opponents, saying Joe Biden would be a "dream" opponent.

In photos: Biden joins the race for President
For more than 35 years, Joe Biden represented Delaware in the US Senate.

Sri Lanka spice tycoon suspected of helping sons in suicide attacks
One of the Sri Lanka suicide bombers was previously arrested by police and then released, a senior Sri Lankan government spokesman told CNN Thursday.

White House: Stephen Miller won't testify on immigration
The White House has informed the House Oversight Committee that Stephen Miller will not testify before the panel about his role in President Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies, according to a letter obtained by CNN.

Anderson Cooper: No president should speak like Elmo
CNN's Anderson Cooper tackles President Trump's "bizarre vernacular" and ego in his "Ridiculust" segment.


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