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Current feed - Reuters: Environment

Death toll in South Africa rains approaching 70, official says
Almost 70 people have been killed in South Africa after torrential rains along the eastern coast, an official said on Thursday, and rescuers are still recovering bodies.

Goldman, Bank of England and stock exchange targeted by climate activists in London
Environmental activists glued themselves to the London Stock Exchange, blocked roads near the Bank of England and protested outside banks such as Goldman Sachs on Thursday to try to force Britain to help avert what they cast as a climate cataclysm.

Climate change protesters climb on train at London's Canary Wharf
Climate change activists climbed onto the roof of a train at Canary Wharf's Docklands Light Railway station in London as part of the 11th day of direct action aimed at pushing politicians to take more radical measures to protect the environment.

Climate-change protesters block road near Bank of England
Climate-change activists blocked a road near the Bank of England as part of the 11th day of direct action aimed at pushing politicians to take more radical measures to protect the environment.

Goldman Sachs's European headquarters targeted by climate-change activists
Environmental activists held a protest outside Goldman Sachs's European headquarters in London on Thursday in attempt to underline what they say is the role the finance industry in fuelling climate change.

Tackling climate change can help economy: UK trade minister
Britain's trade minister Liam Fox said tackling climate change can bring economic benefits as activists blocked key parts of London's financial district on the final day of protests that have caused mass disruption in London.

Cyclone Kenneth batters Comoros as heads to Mozambique, Tanzania
Violent winds of up to 140 kph lashed the East African island nation of Comoros overnight, killing three people, authorities said on Thursday, as tropical Cyclone Kenneth swept toward flood-battered Mozambique and southern Tanzania.

'Plogging' craze goes global as fitness fanatics take out the trash
The Swedish phenomenon of "plogging", where joggers combine their run with picking up the trash they find in nature, is going global as both environment and fitness fanatics benefit from the new trend.

Oil firm Equinor agrees climate change targets with investors
Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor will revise its climate targets next year and assess its investments against U.N.-backed goals following talks with major investors.

U.S. biofuel trade group asks judge to halt new EPA small refinery waivers: documents
A U.S. biofuels trade group asked a federal court on Wednesday to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from giving refiners new waivers from the country's biofuels law until the agency reverts to the tougher criteria it used to assess applications before Donald Trump's presidency, according to court papers.


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