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Current feed - BBC News - World

Migrant crisis: US House and Senate at odds over bills
The Senate passes a border aid bill, setting up a showdown with the House over how the money is spent.
US immigration: Drowning exposes risks of illegal crossing
A man from El Salvador and his baby daughter die in the Rio Grande trying to reach the US.
France heatwave: Paris region closes schools
Regions around Paris announce school closures as France and Spain expect heat above 40C.
Bodies of US WW2 troops found on Pacific island
The soldiers are believed to have died fighting the Japanese during the three-day Battle of Tarawa.
Holocaust: Dutch rail firm NS confirms compensation
The state-run company took part in deporting 107,000 Jews to Nazi death camps.
Baby girl found alive inside plastic bag
The girl now known as "Baby India" was found after nearby residents heard cries.
Indian MP Mahua Moitra's 'rising fascism' speech wins plaudits
Mahua Moitra warns of "early signs of fascism" in India, causing a sensation.
Megan Rapinoe: Donald Trump tells US women's co-captain to 'respect flag'
President Trump tells US women's team co-captain Megan Rapinoe not to "disrespect our country" after she said she would not visit the White House if they won the World Cup.
Kenya halts Lamu coal power project at World Heritage Site
Kenya's first coal power station would increase greenhouse gas emissions by 700%, campaigners say.
Migrant rescue ship defies Italy's warnings
A boat carrying 42 rescued migrants arrives in Italian waters despite being told to stay away.


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